The Weight Loss Failed. Why?

The weight loss failed. Why? The ever-arriving or not able to lose weight often leads to great frustration. What exactly is going on? The diet is neatly maintained and the trainings followed to the letter. Why does the body not cooperate? Various less obvious causes may underlie that problem. Fortunately, the causes are excellent. Which causes lead to overweight or do the scales stop and what can someone do about it? When the hormones are out of balance, it can support a diet by first getting the hormones back in balance.

The frustration is sky-high, when the weight increases – for no apparent reason – or a diet just fails. What is going on? The causes can be traced back to our hectic lifestyle. Today’s life brings with it various problems. For example, we may have a considerable dose of stress caused by, for example, our work, the private situation or by money worries, or because we set the bar too high because of all self-imposed obligations. Our bodies become victims of all accumulated stress. As a consumer, we also demand products that make life easy, long-lasting or in abundance in the right color or with the right fragrance. To meet this demand, manufacturers use chemicals.

People come into contact with many chemicals every day. They are found in, among other things, packaging materials, pesticides, foodstuffs and toiletries. Certain substances can imitate body hormones or trigger the hormone-producing organs to secrete more hormones than necessary. Unfortunately, it concerns the hormones that provide fat storage (survival strategy). The hormones they produce directly affect our physique (appearance). An imbalance in the hormonal system can disrupt the body considerably and eventually lead to obesity.

The hormonal system

The hormonal system – also called the endocrine system – consists of glands and organs, which produce the hormones. These are: the genital organs, the pituitary gland, the thyroid glands, the parathyroid glands, the thymus, paraganglia and the pancreas. The bloodstream spreads hormones produced by the body. The endocrine system regulates many body processes. For example, it regulates reactions to stress. Furthermore, it affects, among other things, the water and sugar household. It keeps man in balance.

Hormone disrupting substances

The body can get bad when it comes into contact with certain chemical compounds that disrupt the hormonal system. Such substances are hormone disrupting and are present everywhere, even in the air we breathe. For example, there are certain compounds that imitate the action of the hormone estrogen (xenoestrogens). The estrogen content in the body therefore increases unnecessarily. In addition, there are chemical compounds that trigger the unnecessary production of certain hormones, such as the hormone cortisol. These hormones can in turn suppress the production of other hormones (eg testosterone) or trigger them (eg insulin). As a result, the hormonal system can become more imbalanced and stay therein. Unfortunately, these endocrine disrupting chemicals have in common, that they frustrate the weight loss. They stimulate – each in their own way – the storage of fat.


Estrogen is the female sex hormone. Both men and women have a certain amount of estrogen in the body. Women have more estrogen in the body. Estrogen regulates everything about reproduction in women. Estrogen wants – with that purpose in mind – to have fat reserves built up by the body and to retain grease, such as on the abdomen, hips and thighs. In men, excess estrogen (estrogen dominance) is visible due to fat accumulation above the chest muscles. Too much estrogen can inhibit weight loss and increase weight gain.


Cortisol is a adrenal cortex hormone and is known as the flight or fight hormone. The body makes cortisol when it signals a threatening situation. It is a stress hormone. Cortisol provokes the production of glucose. Glucose is another name for sugar. The cells use the hormone insulin to take up glucose. Insulin transports glucose to the cells. When the body is hormonally well balanced, insulin regulates the sugar content in the blood. Once sugar enters the bloodstream, the brain transmits a signal to the pancreas to make insulin. The body uses insulin to allow the transport of sugar to the cells. The cells of the body want to get the sugar out of the bloodstream to use as an energy source. The cells are sensitive to insulin,


Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Men have more testosterone than women and therefore can relatively easily and faster make muscles and lose weight. Since women have less testosterone, they are more difficult to ‘grow’ muscles. Decreased testosterone means less muscle building and less weight loss. Decreased testosterone gives the effect of estrogen more space.

Gynecomastia Male Breasts: What Can We Do?

What are Men’s breasts?

When men get older they can have to deal with male breasts . That is certainly not a rare condition. About half of the men, and almost all overweight men suffer from it.

Yet it is something that men are very much ashamed of. Not only because it shows female characteristics but also because people often assume that this is something rare.

Nothing is less true! As a result of aging, the male androgen hormone testosterone is produced to a lesser extent. As a result, increased production of estrogen can occur, which in turn will provide the male breasts.

However, it is not always the case that male breasts are caused by too high an estrogen. It may happen that men have a normal relationship between testosterone and estrogen. But still suffer from male breasts.

This can then be explained by the fact that the breast tissue has become more sensitive to estrogen. As a result, breast formation will increase and male breasts will arise.

An estrogen can also develop during the use of anabolic steroids or by hormone therapy with testosterone, and male breasts may develop.

What can we do about it now? How can we say goodbye to men’s breasts for good?

When we go to the doctor we often get to hear that nothing can be done about it, or an operation that will cut away the breast tissue. Something that happens a lot with professional bodybuilders.

Who then multiply their testosterone by 10 by using anabolic steroids. But also have a very high estrogen content. And so get men’s breasts.

We can use anti-estrogen supplements. These are products that work as natural estrogen inhibitors . They are going to block the excess estrogen so that enough testosterone can be made.

But what if the problem does not have to do with too much estrogen? And rather with the sensitivity of the breast tissue to that female hormone?

Fruit and vegetables are indispensable for your health

Vegetables and Fruit

Only 5% eat the recommended 250 grams of fruit and vegetables a day.
The enzymes in raw fruit and vegetables help us to absorb important nutrients. Without these enzymes a big problem arises. There is a shortage of essential nutrients that make us malnourished . While we are just getting fatter, our body lacks important nutrients to function optimally.
The bioactive substances in fruit and vegetables are invaluable to us. These antioxidants can neutralize harmful effects of free radicals.
They inhibit the conversion of excess calories into fat.
Have a very favorable influence on the occurrence of breast, colon and prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.
Raw vegetables and fruits give you an enormous amount of vitality.
There is a lot of chlorophyll in leafy vegetables. Chlorophyll is liquid solar energy. In plants there are leaf green granules that support them during breathing. It contains large amounts of oxygen and therefore plays an important role in strengthening the intestinal flora .
Leaf vegetables are basic. That’s why she’s acid-base Equilibrium t strengthen your body.
They are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and even healthy fatty acids. In leaf green there is a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acid . It ensures a healthy metabolism and prevents inflammation .
The natural wonder agents in fruit and vegetables have the fantastic properties that they can transfer their vitality to us. It is not for nothing that raw vegetable nutrition has been used by thousands of civilizations for thousands of years to heal the body and cure disease.
In vegetables it is preferably only eight times as many dietary fibers as in bread! Dietary fiber is a collective name for a number of substances that are found in the cell wall of plants. Dietary fibers protect you against colon cancer. Scientists have calculated that if everyone were to eat enough fiber, 12% of the cases of colorectal cancer could be prevented. This amounts to more than 1,800 cases of colorectal cancer in the Netherlands per year.

Facts about dietary fiber

Dietary fiber reach undigested the colon, wherever they stimulate the movement of the intestines and thus ensure a good bowel movement.
Fibers provide satiety so you stop eating earlier.
They ensure a gradual absorption of the natural sugars from vegetables and fruit in the blood. This prevents not only peaks in your blood sugar level, but also the production of the inflammatory insulin. In this way you also prevent the energy dips that follow the drop in your blood sugar level.
They also feed the good bacteria in your intestines and support healthy intestinal flora . Because of this they prevent the bad bacteria from getting the upper hand.
They increase your resistance. More than 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut.
There are even indications that they can protect against coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer

Dietary fibers increase the volume of the stool. As a result, the food slurry passes through the intestine more quickly and its possible harmful substances are present in the intestine for a shorter time. As a result, there is less chance of damage in the intestinal cells due to possibly carcinogenic substances.
There are indications that the short-chain fatty acids, such as butyric acid, stop the growth of cancer cells. These fatty acids are released when the bacteria break down fermentable dietary fibers in the large intestine.
Dietary fiber provides a feeling of satiety, which means we are less likely to be hungry in (unhealthy) snacks. No wonder that a high fiber diet helps to maintain a healthy weight. This weight is of great importance in the prevention of cancer, because obesity increases this risk but does not stop 11 types of cancer.

Top 5 Home Recovery for rash under the breast

How to get rid of the rash under the chest? There are many women who usually experience problems with a kind of rash under the breast. Although it is not necessarily serious, many women are irritated and become uncomfortable because of the feeling they can.

Top 5 Home Recovery Rash under the chest, explains it briefly

1. Calamine Lotion

Do you know that calamia creams are known to be very effective eliminating the results that can develop on the skin? Remember that it can help eliminate the outcome and bring the convenience you need.

Make sure the area in question is clean before you start the calamary cream.
Use a cotton ball, use calamine cream in the area concerned.
It must be done every time you feel itchy.

2. Olive oil

If you have to choose olive oil, make sure you choose extra olive oil as it can provide the best moisture for your skin. At the same time, you can make sure your skin is rejuvenated as a result of olive oil. This can help calm your skin.

Mix olive oil with honey.

It should be placed approximately 3 – 4 times a day on the rash under the breast part.
It must be done every day until you see the desired result.

3. Apply vinegar to remove rash under the chest

It is possible that the chemicals on the clothes you wear remain and even your bras are the main reason why your skin reacts with the appearance of the rash. You can always eliminate it by making sure you use vinegar that can help get rid of chemicals.

Vinegar must be mixed with hot water.
All the clothes you are going to wear can be placed there for a certain period of time.
Dry the clothes and the iron before wearing.
Vinegar can also be placed on the rash and left for a few minutes before flushing.

4. Oatmeal

There is a possibility that you will get rid of skin inflammation at the quickest time and oatmeal can benefit from the relief of the skin.

Make sure that you mix the oats first so that they can be made in a pasta form.
Deep mix with honey and yoghurt and place in the rash.
Leave it on the skin until it is slightly dry.
It can be done daily.

5. Use Cold Compress to remove rash under the chest

There are many times when you can feel a burning sensation or itchy rash on your skin. You know that it can be reduced with the use of heat compressors.

Put ice cream in a thin cloth. You may want to place 3-4 ice cubes so you can feel immediately.
Place in affected skin for about 10 – 15 minutes.
Relax for a while, as it may be bad for the skin to be exposed to too much ice cream.
Repeat the process after a while