The Weight Loss Failed. Why?

The weight loss failed. Why? The ever-arriving or not able to lose weight often leads to great frustration. What exactly is going on? The diet is neatly maintained and the trainings followed to the letter. Why does the body not cooperate? Various less obvious causes may underlie that problem. Fortunately, the causes are excellent. Which causes lead to overweight or do the scales stop and what can someone do about it? When the hormones are out of balance, it can support a diet by first getting the hormones back in balance.

The frustration is sky-high, when the weight increases – for no apparent reason – or a diet just fails. What is going on? The causes can be traced back to our hectic lifestyle. Today’s life brings with it various problems. For example, we may have a considerable dose of stress caused by, for example, our work, the private situation or by money worries, or because we set the bar too high because of all self-imposed obligations. Our bodies become victims of all accumulated stress. As a consumer, we also demand products that make life easy, long-lasting or in abundance in the right color or with the right fragrance. To meet this demand, manufacturers use chemicals.

People come into contact with many chemicals every day. They are found in, among other things, packaging materials, pesticides, foodstuffs and toiletries. Certain substances can imitate body hormones or trigger the hormone-producing organs to secrete more hormones than necessary. Unfortunately, it concerns the hormones that provide fat storage (survival strategy). The hormones they produce directly affect our physique (appearance). An imbalance in the hormonal system can disrupt the body considerably and eventually lead to obesity.

The hormonal system

The hormonal system – also called the endocrine system – consists of glands and organs, which produce the hormones. These are: the genital organs, the pituitary gland, the thyroid glands, the parathyroid glands, the thymus, paraganglia and the pancreas. The bloodstream spreads hormones produced by the body. The endocrine system regulates many body processes. For example, it regulates reactions to stress. Furthermore, it affects, among other things, the water and sugar household. It keeps man in balance.

Hormone disrupting substances

The body can get bad when it comes into contact with certain chemical compounds that disrupt the hormonal system. Such substances are hormone disrupting and are present everywhere, even in the air we breathe. For example, there are certain compounds that imitate the action of the hormone estrogen (xenoestrogens). The estrogen content in the body therefore increases unnecessarily. In addition, there are chemical compounds that trigger the unnecessary production of certain hormones, such as the hormone cortisol. These hormones can in turn suppress the production of other hormones (eg testosterone) or trigger them (eg insulin). As a result, the hormonal system can become more imbalanced and stay therein. Unfortunately, these endocrine disrupting chemicals have in common, that they frustrate the weight loss. They stimulate – each in their own way – the storage of fat.


Estrogen is the female sex hormone. Both men and women have a certain amount of estrogen in the body. Women have more estrogen in the body. Estrogen regulates everything about reproduction in women. Estrogen wants – with that purpose in mind – to have fat reserves built up by the body and to retain grease, such as on the abdomen, hips and thighs. In men, excess estrogen (estrogen dominance) is visible due to fat accumulation above the chest muscles. Too much estrogen can inhibit weight loss and increase weight gain.


Cortisol is a adrenal cortex hormone and is known as the flight or fight hormone. The body makes cortisol when it signals a threatening situation. It is a stress hormone. Cortisol provokes the production of glucose. Glucose is another name for sugar. The cells use the hormone insulin to take up glucose. Insulin transports glucose to the cells. When the body is hormonally well balanced, insulin regulates the sugar content in the blood. Once sugar enters the bloodstream, the brain transmits a signal to the pancreas to make insulin. The body uses insulin to allow the transport of sugar to the cells. The cells of the body want to get the sugar out of the bloodstream to use as an energy source. The cells are sensitive to insulin,


Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Men have more testosterone than women and therefore can relatively easily and faster make muscles and lose weight. Since women have less testosterone, they are more difficult to ‘grow’ muscles. Decreased testosterone means less muscle building and less weight loss. Decreased testosterone gives the effect of estrogen more space.

Quickly Lose Weight With A Homemade Body Wrap

For example, with a Body wrap you wrap your belly with transparent foil paper. Foil! Yes foil just from your own kitchen. Because the body wrap ensures the removal of toxins from the body, you will locally lose centimeters faster.  fruit diet to lose weight in 7 days It removes waste and tightens the skin.

What is a Body wrap?

This weight loss method comes from America and consists of removing toxins from your body so you locally become a bit less. The Body wrap will ensure that the toxins are removed from the fat cells in a natural way. By drinking a lot of water these toxins can be rinsed out of the body. This causes a reduction of the fat cells that will be clearly measurable. The essential oils support the Body wrap and will strengthen and soften the skin.

How fast do you see results?

You will notice that you lose centimeters after each wrap. Arms and legs can lose up to 1cm per wrap. After a few wraps you will clearly see the difference. The more often you wrap the more centimeters you lose. Apart from losing centimeters, the skin will also strengthen and tighten. You can easily go from a size L to size M after 10 wraps. Centimeters that you have lost will be lost forever.

Golden rule at Body Wrapping is drinking water!

Drink a Lot of Water

Body Wrapping is successful because it removes toxins from the body. You lose centimeters as the result of the toxins that are removed naturally from the fat deposits. You need to drink plenty of water to flush these toxins out of the body. By drinking enough water while wearing the Body Wrap and the days after, these toxins will leave the body in a natural way.

How do you apply the Body Wrap?

First take note of your measurements, measure in three places, if you wrap the wrap around your belly for example, measure at the level of your belly button, 5 cm above it, and 5 cm below it.

Take a warm shower, this opens the pores.

Mix 2 drops of your favorite essential oil with, for example, 2 tablespoons of pure Aloe vera gel. Mix well and massage this on the skin. To wrapping, wrap the transparent foil paper around your waist, for example. Keep your tummy as tight as possible and wrap the foil 7 x around your waist.

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Wear the wrap at least 90 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours. Sit down quietly and wrap yourself in a warm or electric blanket. For an even better result you can keep the wrap at night while sleeping.

Drink plenty of water when wearing the wrap!

After removing the wrap, massage the remaining oils in the skin until everything is pulled in, the skin will feel soft and tighter now. Note in your diary that you have to wrap again in four days. The loss of the next wrap will be even greater than that of the previous one.

Sit Ups And Crunches Are Dangerous For Your Lower Back

Almost every bootcamp club or martial arts class you see do the old familiar sit-ups and crunches. What few people know is that these abdominal exercises are a heavy burden on the lower back. Read the reasons explained by Eye Of The Eagle that why you can better avoid these exercises and what you need to do to train your abdominal muscles.

Press your lower back

The disadvantage of these classic exercises is that the lower back is consciously bent under load when you come up. Research shows that the lower back receives a high pressure load (> 3000 N) in dynamic and static versions of the sit-up. It becomes even more annoying for the lower back if you combine this bend with a twist – like with the crunches where you bring the elbow to the opposite knee. This causes a pressure on the lower back so that athletes can suffer from:

lower back pain,
muscle tension,
spasm and

The chances of annoying injuries are increased if an athlete trains too many sit-ups and crunches too quickly, as a result of which the pressure increases because the performance is getting worse and your muscles can not handle the load as well. There is a risk that the lower back muscles become tired and irritated, as a result of which the pressure on your intervertebral discs increases. So you regularly see people grabbing their lower back, after a long set of ‘ abdominal exercises ‘.

No real core exercise

Another disadvantage of sit-ups is that it is really an isolation exercise. With the sit-up you mainly train the upper and lower abdominal muscles and not the deeper abdominal muscles. If you ask me, it is much better that athletes get started with core-stability exercises , such as the board and squat where you immediately speak to many more muscles.

It is not that you should always avoid the sit-up and crunch from now on. Just do not train these exercises too often and especially when you have a weak lower back.

What are good exercises for your abdominal muscles?

Shelf : this is one of the best exercises for strong core muscles.
Hanging crunches : this exercise uses the same muscles as the normal crunch, without putting pressure on the lower back .
Hip raises : with this exercise you do not develop tension on the lower back.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Health Tips For Men

1. Start with an excellent breakfast

Do not skip breakfast, because that is the very first meal after a long night. Your body needs the energy to begin the day. Your intestinal tracts and food digestion start through breakfast. If you do not have breakfast, the temptation is to take unhealthy snacks later in the day.

2. Drinking water

A glass of water for eating promotes digestion. In addition, drinking water is very important to flush the toxins and waste from your body. Consume 1.5 liters of water a day. This appears like a lot, but it is not too bad. Include a glass of water more often if you want to take soda and drink a glass of water in the morning before you start on milk, juice or tea.

3. Eat Slowly

Inning accordance with some, the secret of staying slim is to consume small portions and eat slowly. So create less; you require much less than you believe and you can take something later on. Consume quietly, chew gradually and delight in every bite.

4. Routine food

For your food digestion, it is important to consume frequently. Three main meals a day is a good basis, however, it can likewise assist to take a smaller meal more often one day. In this method, you prevent that you unexpectedly get a binge of food and make a great deal of cake soldier.

5. Variation in food

Healthy consuming is different food Due to the fact that of the variation you get a lot of various foods. Which’s how you get enough of everything. To bring more variety in your food, it works to utilize the disc of 5. In any case, do not attempt to eat the same thing every day.

6. Well balanced food

Varied food also suggests that you might periodically take something unhealthy. It is important that you bring this back into balance. If you have a fries with a great deal of mayo in the afternoon, make certain you moderate in the evening and take less of the unhealthy or fatty food. Everything is permitted, as long as you balance it again.

7. Do not consume excess fruit and vegetables

That vegetables and fruit are healthy is no surprise. After all, they consist of lots of great substances such as minerals and vitamins. In addition, they include a couple of calories and they feel complete. Veggie and fruit ought to not be missing out on for a healthy life. Aim to eat 200g of veggies and 2 pieces of fruit daily.

8. Mindful consuming

An excellent way to consume healthily is to be familiar with what you eat. For that reason, think about what you eat regularly. Is it smart to eat those sweet chemical candies that you have definitely no concept how they are made or exactly what is in them? The quality of your food is more crucial than the quantity. If you believe regularly about exactly what you provide your body for food, you will immediately eat healthier.

9. And obviously, exercise

Offer your body the opportunity to process the food. Exercise is essential for this. Do not begin a dessert right away after supper, however initially go for a long walk. Do not consume even prior to bedtime, then the body can not properly absorb the food. Because you lie down, your organs also go to sleep and that is bad if you simply have a half meal in your stomach.

10. Enjoy!

Your body needs food to make it through. However, food is likewise something that you should enjoy and enjoy benefits the body. Simply go as soon as with a starving stomach to the supermarket and question how many delicious things there are for sale! You will observe that there are plenty of chances to consume tasty, healthy and differed.