Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Contrary to what most people think, the male breast is not made from fat, so this problem can occur not only in obese people, but also in those who are fairly slim and healthy. The male breast is made of breast tissue, just like women, so unfortunately losing weight will not solve this problem. But with plastic surgery it is. It is often completely painless and lasts no longer than three hours although it depends on the condition of the patient. During the procedure, when the patient is in local anesthesia, the surgeon removes the excess tissue and makes the chest look like another man’s chest. After the operation, compression shirts are worn for better functioning and the scars usually disappear after a year or two.

Male breasts: Cause and solution!

Male breasts, or “manboobs”, are a common problem. breast formation in men is often a harmless phenomenon, but one that brings shame to many men. How does this problem arise, and more importantly, how do we help you get rid of it?

Creation of male breasts / breast formation in men

Gynecomastia is the development of abnormal breast tissue in men, resulting in so-called manboobs, or male breasts. Although the development is mostly innocent in nature, it causes a sense of shame for many men. This is strange, because more than half of the men suffer from this problem to a certain extent. Often the markings disappear automatically, but sometimes the breast growth in men is more stubborn, and gynecomastia treatment is desirable. The exact cause of the development of this tissue is unclear, although there are a number of factors that together often lead to the problem of male breast formation.

Causes of male breasts

There are a number of culprits who, in combination with each other, play a role in male breast growth.

Inadequate nutrition

Since the breast tissue consists of stored fat, nutrition is an important factor in male breasts. Eating healthy without too many fats and sugars can help prevent and reduce breast formation.
Not enough exercise
Exercising is an excellent way to lose fat, and therefore also to combat the problem of male breasts. In addition to fitness training, you can also work on muscle building in the breast area to make it firmer.
Low testosterone value
A lack of testosterone causes, among other things, that the man’s breasts become larger and sometimes feel painful. A man’s testosterone level can be increased through strength training, a good night’s rest and a healthy diet.