Top 5 Home Recovery for rash under the breast

How to get rid of the rash under the chest? There are many women who usually experience problems with a kind of rash under the breast. Although it is not necessarily serious, many women are irritated and become uncomfortable because of the feeling they can.

1. Calamine Lotion

Do you know that calamia creams are known to be very effective eliminating the results that can develop on the skin? Remember that it can help eliminate the outcome and bring the convenience you need.

Make sure the area in question is clean before you start the calamary cream.
Use a cotton ball, use calamine cream in the area concerned.
It must be done every time you feel itchy.

2. Olive oil

If you have to choose olive oil, make sure you choose extra olive oil as it can provide the best moisture for your skin. At the same time, you can make sure your skin is rejuvenated as a result of olive oil. This can help calm your skin.

Mix olive oil with honey.

It should be placed approximately 3 – 4 times a day on the rash under the breast part.
It must be done every day until you see the desired result.

3. Apply vinegar to remove rash under the chest

It is possible that the chemicals on the clothes you wear remain and even your bras are the main reason why your skin reacts with the appearance of the rash. You can always eliminate it by making sure you use vinegar that can help get rid of chemicals.

Vinegar must be mixed with hot water.
All the clothes you are going to wear can be placed there for a certain period of time.
Dry the clothes and the iron before wearing.
Vinegar can also be placed on the rash and left for a few minutes before flushing.

4. Oatmeal

There is a possibility that you will get rid of skin inflammation at the quickest time and oatmeal can benefit from the relief of the skin.

Make sure that you mix the oats first so that they can be made in a pasta form.
Deep mix with honey and yoghurt and place in the rash.
Leave it on the skin until it is slightly dry.
It can be done daily.

5. Use Cold Compress to remove rash under the chest

There are many times when you can feel a burning sensation or itchy rash on your skin. You know that it can be reduced with the use of heat compressors.

Put ice cream in a thin cloth. You may want to place 3-4 ice cubes so you can feel immediately.
Place in affected skin for about 10 – 15 minutes.
Relax for a while, as it may be bad for the skin to be exposed to too much ice cream.
Repeat the process after a while

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